Grandmother Julia

Aliano 1964

Giulia and Giuseppe’s love story is filled with secrecy and deep affection that transcends the boundaries imposed by their families and the small village of Aliano in Basilicata. Giuseppe expresses his love through a unique method of writing his words backward, which only Giulia can decipher by using a mirror. In this mirrored reflection, their bond is revealed as a truth that is eternal.

In Aliano, specifically on the Street Piano d’Amore, which serves as the summer residence for Giulia and Giuseppe, their love continues to blossom like a plant of regeneration. At the heart of this love story stands a sacred olive tree, symbolizing the everlasting nature of their connection.

Within the trunk of this tree, Giuseppe secretly hid a rose for Giulia, representing his continuous courtship and devotion to her. Every year, with each new sprout and every blooming flower, his love for her is reaffirmed, existing outside the constraints of time.

This profound love has been passed down to their grandchild, Vito Sansanelli, who now tends to this special place with great care and dedication. Vito embodies the spirit of his grandparents and shares their love with those fortunate enough to experience the beauty and significance of this location through his eyes and presence.

Maria Cristina Ballestracci

In this particular project, Paola Di Serio (an interior fashion designer) has created a mesmerizing mirror that symbolizes the heartbeat of lovers and brings to life the romantic story of Giulia through reflections of lights and shapes.